Frequently asked questions

This section answers some frequently-asked questions about SignWriting.

Why write sign language? Why not write sign language with the alphabet? Is SignWriting easy to learn? Why teach Deaf children to read and write sign language?
What do Deaf people think of SignWriting? What do teachers think of SignWriting? What do children think of SignWriting?
Is SignWriting international? What countries is SignWriting used in? Is SignWriting a new language?
Why does SignWriting have so many symbols? Why is SignWriting written top-to-bottom? Is SignWriting different from using glosses?
Why was SignWriting invented? How was SignWriting developed? Why has SignWriting been controversial?
Is SignWriting free? Are the SignWriting books and lessons free?
Where can I learn more about SignWriting? Where can I learn more about sign language?