These documents and videos present the history of SignWriting.

Included are historical accounts of SignWriting’s development, and historical documents describing past projects.

History of SignWriting Um Capítulo da História do SignWriting How Deaf Opinions on SignWriting Changed How SignWriting Changed The International SignWriting Alphabet (2011) SignWriting Used at Shores Deaf Church in Michigan (2006) Encoding SignWriting in the Universal Character Set (1999) The SignWriting Literacy Project for Deaf Students (1999) Proyecto de Lengua de Signos de España (1998) Creating the SignWriter Newsletter (1997) 30 Tegn Fra Døves Tegnsprog in SignWriting (1985) SignWriting for Everyday Use (1981) SignWriting software (1988-2014) SignWriting website (1996) SignWriter newspaper (1982)