Several Ph. D. dissertations have been written about SignWriting, or have used it as a research tool.

Abu Shaira, Mohammad Mahmod
The Effect of SignWriting on the Achievement and Acquisition of Vocabulary by Deaf Students at “Al-Amal School For The Deaf” in the City of Amman-Jordan
Arabic, with the first 30 pages translated into English
Ampessan, Joāo Paulo
The Writing of Grammatical Non-Manual Expressions in Sentences in LIBRAS Using the SignWriting System
Bózoli, Daniele Miki Fujikawa
A Study of the Learning of School Subjects through SignWriting in a Bilingual School for the Deaf
Fagundes de Brito, Ronnie
Reference Model for the Development of Artifacts Supporting Access of the Deaf to Audiovisual Content
Flood, Cecilia
How Do Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Experience Learning to Write Using SignWriting, a Way to Read and Write Signs?
Galea, Maria
SignWriting (SW) of Maltese Sign Language (LSM) and its Development into an Orthography: Linguistic Considerations
Lu, Gan
Real-Time Immersive Human-Computer Interaction Based on Tracking and Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures