These reports were written by members of the SignWriting community, and cover all aspects of SignWriting.

Ampessan, J. P., Silva, M. B., Oliveira, M. W. A., Almeida, R. R.
Inventário das Configurações de Mão para a Escrita da Libras
Butler, Charles
An Ordering System for SignWriting
Costa, Antônio Carlos da Rocha
The SignNet Project: IT Tools for the Written Deaf Culture
Costa, A. C. R., Dimuro, G. P.
Paving the Way to Sign Language Processing
Costa, A. C. R., Streiter, O.
Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages
Everson, Michael
Implementing the ISO 639-2 Code for Sign Languages
Everson, Michael
Encoding SignWriting in the Universal Character Set
Girod, Anne-Claude Prélaz
Accès à l'écrit grace à signwriting: une solution pour les enfants sourds?
Gleaves, R., Sutton, V.
Hurlbut, Hope M.
A Preliminary Survey of the Signed Languages of Malaysia
Martin, Joe
A Linguistic Comparison – Two Notation Systems for Signed Languages: Stokoe Notation & Sutton SignWriting
Pizzuto, Elena
Cross-linguistic investigations of sign languages: can similarities and differences be detected without appropriate tools for representing and analyzing signed texts?
Roald, Ingvild
Terminology in the Making: Physics Terminology in Norwegian Sign Language
Slevinski, Stephen E., Jr.
ISWA 2010 International SignWriting Alphabet Reference
Slevinski, Stephen E., Jr.
The SignPuddle Standard for SignWriting Text
Stumpf, Marianne
A estrutura do sistema SignWriting
Suana, Olga Maria Perlas
A Importância de SignWriting Para o Letramento do Surdos Desde o Olhar de Aprendiz de Libras Cuja Língua Materna é Espanhol
Sutton, V., Frost, A.
SignWriting: Sign Languages Are Written Languages