SignWriting Symposium 2014 – Day 1


Implementation into the SWORD Project of Observations Arising from the Process of Users' Appropriating and Adapting SignWriting Wöhrmann´s SpeechWriting, in SignWriting Documents, Teaches Deaf Students Spoken Language Ways to Write Sign Languages by Hand with SignWriting SWift, a User-Centered Digital Editor for SignWriting within the SWORD Project The Literacy Process of Brazilian and French Deaf Children Literacy in a Trilingual Context using SignWriting: The Paraguayan Experience The Complete New Testament in Written ASL: A Decade Of Translating & Writing All 27 Books of the New Testament in the SignWriting Script Encyclopedias in Written ASL: Writing 48 Articles for the ASL Wikipedia Using SignWriting to Teach Hearing American Sign Language Students: A 10-Year Retrospective Ordering Signs in Dictionaries