SignWriting Symposium 2014 – Day 4


Digital Collaboration with Machine-Readable Sign Language Text in the SignWriting Script The Relevance of SignWriting as a Way of Transcribing the Phonology of Sign Languages A Proposal for the Recognition of Handwritten SignWriting for the SWORD Project ZNAKOPIS/GIBOPIS (English: SignWriting) in Roman Catholic Liturgy "Escrita de Sinais sem mistérios” – The First Brazilian Book Teaching SignWriting Linguistic-terminological Productivity between Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) and SignWriting Translation into SignWriting of Abstracts from Doctorate Dissertations, Master Theses and Papers: A New Paradigm Thoughts on Sutton SignWriting as Musical Notation The Contribution of the Written Form (SignWriting) of Sign Languages to the Field of Sign Linguistics: The Case of Writing Maltese Sign Language (LSM) Pointing Signs and Pronominals 40 Years Writing Sign Languages: Evolution of SignWriting 1974-2014