SignWriting Symposium 2016

July 18-21, 2016
Video conference


A Home and Education for Deaf Children in Sicuani, Cusco, Peru SignTyp: A Cross Linguistic Database and Dictionaries for Sign Languages Moving Forward with Sign Language Projects in Formal SignWriting (FSW) SignWriting in Tunisian Deaf Education A Web Tool for Building Parallel Corpora of Spoken and Sign Languages SignWriting as an Appropriate Writing System for Sign Languages. A Contribution to the Development of the Deaf Student's Writing Skills? The Spread of SignWriting in Maranh√£o State: A Curricular Proposal in a Bilingual School in the City of Imperatriz The Learning of SignWriting at ANPACIN Bilingual School for the Deaf in Maring√° - PR, Brazil SignWriting in Unicode and Rich Text Considerations SignPuddle 3: Front & Back Using SignWriting for the Peruvian Sign Language (LSP) Dictionary SignWriting Encyclopedia Projects: Wikipedias in American Sign Language and Tunisian Sign Language